Back to nature

I went hiking today at Starved Rock. Although the path was laid out for us and some parts were a breeze, there were parts that required a lot of physical effort. By the end of one parking lot/drop-off/whatever point to another, we were all dripping in sweat. All gross details aside, it was invigorating to the soul.

There’s always something about nature that makes you feel peaceful. I would go on tangents about why this is, but I don’t have enough of the feelings stored in my memory to go about it.

I definitely want to go on another hiking, or nature walk. Want to come with?

August 2, 2015



One comment

  1. worthless2015 · March 7, 2016

    its always good to walk, clears the backlog of thoughts lol. i walwish i could walk still. Enjoy and relax

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