As Pretty as the Sunset


I would add a picture of you with me, but I realized that was very narcissistic of me to do in the first place. I would have added a picture to show the world your pretty face, but I chose to show to the world (and by world I mean the very few friends I have who know of my blog who apparently has nothing better to do so they’re reading it right now, if any) a picture that shows who you really are, an artist.

I remember you telling the story of how you ended up focusing on your art. It’s funny how we plan things, and how things actually come to be. I think no matter how you got there, you would have gotten there eventually. I am really happy and proud of you, and how you create beautiful things every single day, because God know we need more pretty things to look at in this world.

Happy birthday, my love!

Follow her wonderful works on instagram: @paola_koala

August 16, 2015



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