The Case of the Missing Laundry

I had the day off so I spent it on doing the laundry, obviously.

We lived on the second floor of a three-flat apartment building. The laundry room was located in a common area in the basement. There was one washer, and dryer for the whole building to use. We didn’t make schedule of who can use it when. It’s use when available.

I placed my first load in the dryer, and my second in the washer. Went upstairs, did other chores, watched a little bit of Netflix, then went to get the clothes. However, when I checked there were no more clothes in the dryer, and our basket was missing.

I panicked at first of course. I told my mom. She panicked more than I did, even blamed the neighbors’ teen visitor-friends for taking them.

Anyway, after a couple of hours, our laundry basket was returned to the basement and in it, our clothes. We figured our neighbors were probably doing the laundry prior to and thought it was still theirs. All clothes accounted for.

All is well.

September 7, 2015



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